POLK forms a quaternary complex with REV1 and POLZ on damaged DNA template

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DNA polymerase kappa (POLK) forms a quaternary complex with REV1 and the DNA polymerase zeta (POLZ) heterodimer, composed of REV3L and MAD2L2 (REV7), at DNA damage sites (Ohashi et al. 2009, Wojtaszek et al. 2012a, Wojtaszek et al. 2012b, Xie et al. 2012). POLK simultaneously interacts with the C-terminus of REV1 through its RIR (REV1-interacting region) (Ohashi et al. 2009) and with monoubiquitinated PCNA (Haracska et al. 2002, Bi et al. 2006). POLK requires Mg2+ or Mn2+ for its activity. POLK is more catalytically active in the presence of Mn2+, but exhibits higher fidelity in the presence of Mg2+ (Pence et al. 2012)
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