LZTFL1 binds the BBSome and prevents its traffic to the cilium

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LZTFL1 was identified as a tumor suppressor and as a protein that interacts with components of the BBSome (Wei et al, 2010; Seo et al, 2011). LZTFL1 forms cytosolic complexes with the BBSome and negatively regulates its entry into the cilium without affecting the assembly or stability of the BBSome complex. Both the BBSome and LZTFL1 have been shown to regulate the localization of the Hh signaling protein SMO (Seo et al, 2011). A recent study suggests that LZTFL1 may additionally play a role in coordinating the interaction between the BBSome and the IFT B component IFT27 and in this way contribute to the traffic of Hh pathway proteins into and out of the cilium (Eguether et al, 2014).
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