The exocyst complex binds to RAB3IP in the ciliary targeting complex

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RAB3IP interacts directly with the EXOC6/SEC15 component of the exocyst, recruiting this membrane-targeting complex to the Golgi-derived vesicles (Feng et al, 2012; reviewed in Deretic, 2013). The exocyst is an octameric complex with roles in tethering and fusion of secretory vesicles with target membranes. A number of the exocyst components have been shown to be localized to the ciliary base and/or to be required for ciliogenesis. Consistent with this, IQCB1/NPHP5, a component of the basal body, has been shown to interact with members of the exocyst complex (Wu et al, 2005; Rogers et al, 2004; Zuo et al, 2009; Feng et al, 2012; Sang et al, 2011; reviewed in Das and Guo, 2011; Heider and Munson, 2012).

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