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Vertebrate SUFU plays a critical role in the negative regulation of Hh signaling in the absence of ligand. Disruption of SUFU causes constitutive activation of the pathway, and is associated with the development of medulloblastoma in humans (Cooper et al, 2005; Svard et al, 2006; Taylor et al, 2002; Pastorino et al, 2009). SUFU binds directly to all three GLI proteins (Pearse et al, 1999; Stone et al, 1999; Jia et al, 2009; Svard et al, 2006). Formation of a SUFU:GLI complex is required for the processing of GLI3 to the GLI3R repressor form, and the processing depends on transit through the primary cilia (Kise et al, 2009; Humke et al, 2010; Huangfu and Anderson, 2005). Despite this, primary cilia are not required for SUFU to inhibit GLI activity; SUFU may also serve in a cilia-independent manner to sequester the full-length protein in the cytoplasm in the absence of Hh signal (Chen et al, 2009; Humke et al, 2010; Jia et al, 2009; Tukachinsky et al, 2010). After processing, GLI3R dissociates from SUFU and its activity is SUFU-independent (Humke et al, 2010; Tukachinsky et al, 2010). Nuclear SUFU may also play a direct role as a transcriptional co-repressor through interaction with the N-terminal DNA-binding domain of GLI proteins, though this remains to be fully elaborated (Monnier et al, 1998; Pearse et al, 1999; Cheng and Bishop, 2002; Paces-Fessy et al, 2004; Dunaeva et al, 2003; Szczepny et al, 2014).

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