IRAK4 variants [cytosol]

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Homo sapiens
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17893200 Selective predisposition to bacterial infections in IRAK-4-deficient children: IRAK-4-dependent TLRs are otherwise redundant in protective immunity

Ku, CL, von Bernuth, H, Picard, C, Zhang, SY, Chang, HH, Yang, K, Chrabieh, M, Issekutz, AC, Cunningham, CK, Gallin, J, Holland, SM, Roifman, C, Ehl, S, Smart, J, Tang, M, Barrat, FJ, Levy, O, McDonald, D, Day-Good, NK, Miller, R, Takada, H, Hara, T, Al-Hajjar, S, Al-Ghonaium, A, Speert, D, Sanlaville, D, Li, X, Geissmann, F, Vivier, E, MarĂ³di, L, Garty, BZ, Chapel, H, Rodriguez-Gallego, C, Bossuyt, X, Abel, L, Puel, A, Casanova, JL

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17157666 Interleukin receptor-associated kinase-4 deficiency impairs Toll-like receptor-dependent innate antiviral immune responses

McDonald, DR, Brown, D, Bonilla, FA, Geha, RS

J. Allergy Clin. Immunol. 2006
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primary immunodeficiency disease DOID:612 immune deficiency disorder, immunodeficiency syndrome, hypoimmunity
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