RNA polymerase II polymerizes primary piRNA transcript

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Homo sapiens
piRNA locus is transcribed
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As inferred from experiments with mouse homologs, primary piRNA transcripts originate from multiple copy transposable elements and unique copy non-coding RNAs and mRNAs. As male germ cells progress from fetus to adult, the composition of piRNAs shifts from transposons to unique copy sequences (reviewed in Bortvin 2013). Computational analyses have identified 161 to 242 piRNA clusters and many other smaller piRNA hotspots in the mouse genome (Aravin et al. 2008, Rosenkranz and Zischler 2012, Jung et al. 2014). About 18% of pre-pachytene piRNAs in mouse originate from mRNAs encoding proteins (Aravin et al. 2008). Likewise 235 to 368 piRNA clusters were identified in the human genome (Rosenkranz and Zischler 2012, Gould et al. 2012, Yang et al. 2013, Jung et al. 2014).
As inferred from the mouse homolog, the MYBL1 (A-MYB) transcription factor drives transcription of both piRNA precursors and mRNAs encoding PIWI family proteins.
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DNA-directed 5'-3' RNA polymerase activity of RNA Polymerase II holoenzyme complex (generic) [nucleoplasm]

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