Defective ACY1 does not hydrolyse mercapturic acids

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Cytosolic aminocyclases 1 and 3 (ACY1,3) can hydrolyse N-acylated amino acids and N-acylcysteine-S-conjugates (Lindner et al. 2003). They are functional as dimers and utilise zinc as a cofactor. Defects in ACY1 can cause aminoacylase 1 deficiency (ACY1D; MIM:609924), leading to acute encephalopathy, seizures, impaired psychomotor development and increased urinary excretion of several N-acetylated amino acids. The missense mutation R353C is associated with recessive loss-of-function phenotype and is the most common cause of enzyme deficiency (Sass et al. 2006, Sass et al. 2007).
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Catalyst Activity

aminoacylase activity of ACY1 mutants:Zn2+ dimer [cytosol]

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Functional status

Loss of function of ACY1 mutants:Zn2+ dimer [cytosol]

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toxic encephalopathy DOID:3602 Neurotoxicity (disorder), neurotoxicity, neurotoxicity syndrome, neurotoxicity
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