Translocation of peptidyl-tRNA from A-site to P-site (and translocation of 55S ribosome by 3 bases along mRNA)

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GFM1 (EF-Gmt, EF-G1mt) of the GFM1:GTP complex hydrolyzes GTP, yielding GFM1:GDP (Tsuboi et al. 2009). The hydrolysis of GTP drives translocation of the peptidyl-tRNA from the A-site to the P-site with consequent ejection of the deacylated tRNA from the P-site and translocation of the ribosome in the 3' direction along the mRNA (Bhargava et al. 2004, Tsuboi et al. 2009, inferred from bovine homologs in Chung and Spremulli 1990).

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GTPase activity of 55S ribosome:mRNA:tRNA:peptidyl-tRNA:GFM1:GTP [mitochondrial inner membrane]

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