MTRF1L (MTRF1a) or ICT1 binds stop codon in 55S ribosome:mRNA:peptidyl-tRNA

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MTRF1L (mtRF1a) binds the stop codons UAA and UAG of the mRNA when they are in the A site of the ribosome (Soleimanpour-Lichaei 2007, Nozaki et al. 2008). (The UGA codon is recognized by the tryptophan tRNA in mitochondrial translation.) ICT1 can also bind standard stop codons in the A-site (inferred from pig mitochondrial ribosomes in Akabane et al. 2014). MTRF1 was also thought to play a role in translation termination by recognizing the unconventional termination codons AGA and AGG (Zhang and Spremulli 1998, Young et al. 2010) but frameshifting is now confirmed in the termination mechanism of these codons (Temperley et al. 2010). Structural features of MTRF1 have been reported suggesting it could recognize an empty A-site (Huynen et al. 2012) or UAA and UAG codons (Lind et al. 2013) however there is no direct experimental data to confirm these last two postulates.

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