NOTUM releases Hh-Np:GPC5 from the plasma membrane

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Notum is a secreted protein with phospholipase C activity that has been implicated in promoting long range Hh signaling in Drosophila (Ayers et al, 2010; Eugster et al, 2007; Takeo et al, 2005; Han et al, 2005; Giraldez et al, 2002). Notum is thought to cleave the GPI-anchor from Dally, a Drosophila glypican, to release Hh-Dally complexes from the plasma membrane of the Hh-secreting cell (Ayers et al, 2010; Han et al, 2005), although this cleavage has not been directly demonstrated. In cultured mammalian cells, NOTUM has been shown to cleave the GPI anchor of a number of glypicans to promote their release from the plasma membrane (Traister et al, 2008).

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phospholipase C activity of NOTUM [extracellular region]

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