CPTP transports C1P from plasma membrane to Golgi membrane

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Ceramide-1-phosphate transfer protein (CPTP, GLTPD1) mediates the intracellular transfer of ceramide-1-phosphate (C1P) between the cell membrane and organelle membranes. C1P is an activator of group IVA cytosolic phospholipase (PLA2G4A), the rate-limiting releaser of arachidonic acid used for pro-inflammatory eicosanoid production, contributing to disease pathogenesis. To avoid the effects of chronic inflammation, cells require efficient targeting, trafficking, and presentation of C1P to specific cellular sites. CPTP is localized in the cytosol but can be associated with plasma, Golgi, and nuclear membranes (Simanshu et al., 2013; reviewed in Mishra et al., 2020; Zhang et al., 2021). The transport reaction shown here is between plasma and the Golgi membrane.

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ceramide 1-phosphate transfer activity of CPTP [cytosol]

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