UHRF1:Chromatin binds DNMT1

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Homo sapiens
UHRF1 recruits DNMT1
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As inferred from the mouse homolog, UHRF1 associates with hemimethylated DNA and histone H3 tails methylated at lysine-9. UHRF1 recruits and tethers DNMT1 (Bostick et al. 2007). The association of UHRF1 with DNMT1 occurs preferentially during S-phase when DNA is hemimethylated as the newly replicated strand remains transiently unmethylated (Zhang et al. 2011, Hervouet et al. 2012). DNMT1 also forms complexes with transcription factors such as TP53 (p53) and YY1 at other times during the cell cycle (Hervouet et al. 2012).

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