B-WICH complex binds rDNA promoter

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Nuclear myosin 1 is positively regulated by the glycogen synthase kinase (GSK3beta) by direct phosphorylation (Sarshad et al. 2014). NM1 phosphorylation is a requirement for NM1 to bind to the chromatin. In the absence of GSK3beta dependent phosphorylation NM1 is polyubiquitinated by the E3 ligase UBR5 and degraded by the proteasome and rRNA synthesis is not activated (Sarshad et al. 2014). Active rRNA genes are bound by the B‑WICH multiprotein complex (Cavellan et al. 2006, Percipalle et al. 2006). B-WICH binds the promoter region of the gene (Percipalle et al. 2006, Sarshad et al. 2013). The MYO1C component of the B-WICH complex binds chromatin and interacts with SMARCA5. Binding causes 200 bp of chromatin at the promoter to adopt a more open configuration and contributes to epigenetic modifications compatible with transcription activation (Vintermist et al. 2011, Sarshad et al. 2013). At the rRNA gene promoter the SMARCA5-MYOIC interaction is excluded when MYOIC interacts with actin in complex with RNA polymerase I (Sarshad et al. 2013). Binding of MYOIC to chromatin is regulated by GSK3beta-dependent phosphorylation that targets the MYOIC chromatin binding domain (Sarshad et al. 2014). Binding of MYOIC to the RNA polymerase I is partly mediated via phosphorylated TIF1A (Philimonenko et al. 2004). Binding of B‑WICH to rRNA genes requires MYOIC to be recruited to active rRNA genes and this mechanism appears to be a requirement to activate and maintain transcription by RNA polymerase I (Percipalle et al. 2006, Sarshad et al. 2013, Sarshad et al. 2014, reviewed in Sarshad and Percipalle 2014).
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