p62:MEKK3 binds to TRAF6

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p62, MEKK3 and TRAF6 co-localize in cytoplasmic aggregates that are thought to be centres for organizing TRAF6-regulated NF-kappaB signaling and the assembly of polyubiquinated proteins sorting to sequestosomes and proteasomes. p62/Sequestosome-1 is a scaffold protein involved in the regulation of autophagy, trafficking of proteins to the proteasome and activation of NF-kB. p62 binds the basic region of MEKK3. MEKK3 is known to bind TRAF6 in response to IL1B (Huang et al. 2004). Recently p62 was shown to be required for the association of MEKK3 with TRAF6. RNA knockdown of p62 inhibited IL1B and MEKK3 activation of NF-kB. IL1B stimulation resulted in dissociation of MEKK3 from p62:TRAF6 (Nakamura et al. 2010).

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