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The FGF2 (bFGF) gene is transcribed to yield mRNA and the mRNA is translated to yield protein. FGF2 is expressed in most tissues including kidney, skin, liver, ureter, and vasculature (Hughes and Hall 1993). FGF2 is expressed in about 35% of tumor lines (Chandler et al. 1999). POU5F1 (OCT4), SOX2, and NANOG bind the promoter of the FGF2 gene and POU5F1 (Babaie et al. 2007, Greber et al. 2007) and SOX2 (Greber et al. 2007) enhance transcription. The binding site of POU5F1 is adjacent to the binding site of SOX2 on the FGF2 promoter (Boyer et al. 2005). FGF2 maintains human embryonic stem cells in an undifferentiated state (Dvorak et al. 2005, Eiselleova et al. 2009).

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