SUMOylation of NR1H4 with SUMO1

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NR1H4 (FXR, Bile Acid Receptor) is SUMOylated with SUMO1 at lysine-132 and lysine-289 (lysine-122 and lysine-275 of isoform 4, UniProt Q96RI1-2) (Vavassori et al. 2009, Balasubramaniyan et al. 2013). SUMOylation appears to be enhanced when NR1H4 binds ligands (Vavassori et al. 2009). SUMOylated NR1H4 transrepresses genes involved in inflammation (Vavassori et al. 2009) and inhibits ligand-induced activation of FXR targets: bile salt export pump (BSEP) and small heterodimer partner (SHP) (Balasubramaniya et al. 2013).

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