RANBP2 SUMOylates CDCA8 (Borealin) and PIAS3 SUMOylates AURKB (Aurora-B)

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During early mitosis (before metaphase) RANBP2 in the RANBP2:RANGAP-SUMO:UBC9 complex SUMOylates CDCA8 (Borealin) with SUMO2,3 at unknown lysine residues (Klein et al. 2009, Fernandez-Miranda et al. 2010, Ban et al. 2011, Werner et al. 2012, Hendriks et al. 2014). CDCA8 can also be SUMOylated with SUMO1 but SUMO2,3 is observed to predominate in vivo. At this time PIAS3 also SUMOylates AURKB (Aurora-B) at lysine-202 with SUMO2,3. The SUMOylated complex is observed in the cytosol after the nuclear envelope has broken down. As inferred from mouse, failure to SUMOylate AURKB causes defective centromeric function and abnormal chromosome segregation (Fernandez-Miranda et al. 2010).

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SUMO transferase activity of RANBP2:RANGAP1-SUMO1:UBE2I:Nuclear Pore Complex (NPC) [nuclear envelope]

SUMO transferase activity of PIAS3 [nucleoplasm]

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