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Binding of Syk causes conformational changes that lead to Syk activation by autophosphorylation. Syk can be activated by a number of phosphorylation events, and it has been proposed that Syk may function as a switch whereby any of several possible stimuli trigger the acquisition of similar activated conformations. (Tsang et al. 2008). These phosphorylations both modulate Syk's catalytic activity (Keshvara et al. 1997) and generate docking sites for SH2 domain-containing proteins, such as c-Cbl, PLC, and Vav1. Syk tyrosine phosphorylation is reduced in the presence of the ITIM-containing immunoglobulin superfamily transmembrane protein G6B (Mori et al. 2008).

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non-membrane spanning protein tyrosine kinase activity of GPVI:phosphorylated Fc Epsilon R1 gamma:FYN:LYN:Collagen type I:SYK [plasma membrane]

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