HHIP binds Hedgehog

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HHIP is a Hh-binding transmembrane protein that antagonizes Hh signaling by sequestering the ligand away from PTCH. HHIP is also a downstream target gene of Hh signaling, establishing a negative feedback loop that limits the extent of signaling (Chuang et al, 1999; Chuang et al, 2003; Bosanac et al, 2009; Bishop et al, 2009: Holtz et al, 2013). HHIP binds to all three Hh ligands, and also exists in a secreted form, which also sequesters ligand (Chuang et al, 1999; Coulombe et al, 2004). HHIP expression is altered in some cancers that show upregulated Hh signaling (Olsen et al, 2004; Tada et al, 2008; Tojo et al, 2002).
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