Activation of MAP3K7 in response to WNT

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Endogenous MAP3K7 is phosphorylated in a CAMK2-dependent fashion upon co-expression of WNT5A or after stimulation of calcium signaling (Ishitani et al, 2003a). Despite evidence that co-precipitated MAP3K7 is phosphorylated in vitro in the presence of CAMK2, direct phosphorylation of MAP3K7 by CAMK2 using purified proteins has not been demonstrated (Ishitani et al, 2003a). The roles of polyubiquitination and accessory proteins TAB1, 2 or 3 in MAP3K7 activation have not been investigated in the context of non-canonical WNT signaling and are therefore omitted from this reaction (reviewed in Dai et al, 2012).

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