CAMK2 binds MAP3K7

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Several studies in C. elegans and vertebrates suggest that a TAK1-NLK kinase cascade regulates the activity of the canonical WNT signaling pathway (Ishitani et al, 1999; Meneghini et al, 1999; Shin et al, 1999; Rocheleau et al, 1999). Activation of this MAPK cascade depends on CAMK2 activity downstream of WNT5a non-canonical signaling (Ishitani et al, 2003a, b). CAMK2 co-precipitates with TAK1/MAP3K7 upon co-transfection in HEK293 cells and calcium signaling activates MAP3K7 in a CAMK2-dependent manner (Ishitani et al, 2003a).
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