Interaction of Plectin with Integrin beta 4

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The actin-binding domain of plectin interacts with the first pair of FNIII repeats and the N-terminal 35 amino acids of the connecting segment of integrin b4 ( Geerts et al., 1999; Niessen et al., 1997; Koster et al., 2004). This interaction is thought to be the initial step in hemidesmosome (HD) assembly and is critical for the mechanical stability of the HD. This interaction is destabilized when HD disassembly is required, for example, to allow cell migration during wound healing. The Integrin a6b4 also associates extracellularly with laminin-332 (See Koster et al., 2003).

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de Pereda, JM, Lillo, MP, Sonnenberg, A

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