SLC2A6,8,10,12 transport Glc from extracellular region to cytosol

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Homo sapiens
Glucose transport by class III GLUTs
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Class III facilitative transporters consist of five members; GLUT6, 8, 10, 12 and HMIT (a H+/myo-inositol transporter). They possess a characteristic glycosylation site on loop 9 (found in loop 1 of classes I and II transporters).

Four class III facilitative transporters can transport glucose. SLC2A6 encodes GLUT6, expressed mainly in brain, spleen and leucocytes (Doege H et al, 2000a). In literature, this protein is incorrectly described as GLUT9. SLC2A8 encodes GLUT8 and is expressed in brain, testis and adipose tissue (Doege H et al, 2000b). SLC2A10 (located in the Type 2 diabetes-linked region of human chromosome 20q12-13.1) encodes GLUT10, a transporter with high affinity for glucose (McVie-Wylie AJ et al, 2001) . GLUT10 is highly expressed in liver and pancreas but is present in most tissues in lower levels. Defects in SLC2A10 are the cause of arterial tortuosity syndrome (ATS), an autosomal recessive disorder characterized by tortuosity and elongation of major arteries, often resulting in death at a young age (Coucke PJ et al, 2006). SLC2A12 encodes GLUT12, which is highly expressed in skeletal muscle, heart and prostate, with lower levels in brain, placenta and kidney. It was originally cloned from the human breast cancer cell line MCF-7 (Rogers S et al, 2002).

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D-glucose transmembrane transporter activity of SLC2A6,8,10,12 [plasma membrane]

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