SLC2A9 transports Fru, Glc, urate

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The human SLC2A9 gene encodes two isoforms of class II facilitative glucose transporter 9; GLUT9 (Phay et al. 2000) and GLUT9DeltaN (Augustin et al. 2004). GLUT9 is expressed mainly in kidney (proximal tubules of epithelial cells) and liver while GLUT9DeltaN is expressed mainly in kidney and placenta. SLC2A9 mediates the transport of urate (uric acid), the end product of purine metabolism in humans and great apes. In addition it mediates the uptake of fructose (Fru) and glucose (Glc) at a low rate (Vitart et al. 2008). Mutations in SLC2A9 influence serum urate concentrations with excess serum accumulation of urate leading to the development of gout (Vitart et al. 2008).
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transmembrane transporter activity of SLC2A9 [plasma membrane]

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