GLUT7 and GLUT11 transport glucose and fructose

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SLC2A7 encodes GLUT7, a class II facilitative glucose transporter which was cloned from a human intestinal cDNA library (Li Q et al, 2004). It has a high affinity for glucose and fructose uptake. GLUT7 is found predominantly in the small intestine, colon, testis and prostate.

SLC2A11 encodes GLUT11 (Doege H et al, 2001), another member of the class II facilitative glucose transporters. It has the highest similarity with GLUT5 and in humans, three isoforms are expressed (GLUT11A-C) (Sasaki T et al, 2001). Human GLUT11 has been shown to transport glucose and fructose but not galactose when expressed in Xenopus oocytes ( Scheepers A et al, 2005).
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sugar transmembrane transporter activity of GLUT7/11 [plasma membrane]

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