SLC26A3,6 exchange Cl- for HCO3-

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Homo sapiens
Group 2 - Cl-/HCO3- exchanger transport
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The proteins responsible for the exchange of chloride (Cl-) with bicarbonate (HCO3-) are members of the SLC4 (1-3) and SLC26 (3 and 6) transporter families. SLC4 members are discussed in the section "Bicarbonate transporters".

SLC26A3 (Chloride anion exchanger, Down-regulated in adenoma, DRA) is expressed in the mucosa of the colon and helps mediate electrolyte and fluid absorption (Schweinfest et al. 1993). Defects in SLC26A3 cause congenital chloride diarrhea 1 (DIAR1), a disease characterized by watery stools containing an excess of chloride (Hoeglund et al. 1996). SLC26A6 encodes a protein involved in transporting chloride, oxalate, sulfate and bicarbonate (Waldegger et al. 2001). It is ubiquitously expressed, the highest levels present in kidney and pancreas.
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inorganic anion exchanger activity of SLC26A3,6 [plasma membrane]

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