Endonucleolytic RISC hydrolyzes target RNAs

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Human Argonaute-2 (AGO2, EIF2C2) possesses ribonucleolytic activity in its PIWI domain and cleaves target RNAs that are exactly complementary to the guide RNA at a location around 10 nucleotides from the 5' end of the match with the guide RNA. The products of cleavage have a 5' phosphate and a 3' hydroxyl group. Both complexes containing siRNAs and miRNAs are capable of cleavage. Although Argonaute proteins interact with many other proteins, the complex of AGO2 and the guide RNA are sufficient to direct cleavage of target RNAs in vitro. In vivo, cleavage requires interaction of AGO2 with a TNRC6 protein and MOV10.
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