IRE1alpha hydrolyzes Xbp1 mRNA and Xbp1 mRNA is spliced

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Phosphorylated IRE1-alpha homodimers with bound ADP have endoribonuclease activity in their C-terminal (cytosolic) regions. The IRE1-alpha homodimers cleave an internal 26 nucleotide segment out of the Xbp-1 mRNA. In yeast the resulting RNAs are ligated by a tRNA ligase but the corresponding human ligase has not been identified. The cleavage and ligation leads to a frameshift in the Xbp-1 mRNA which results in a longer ORF that encodes Xbp-1 (S), the active form of the Xbp-1 transcription factor

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endoribonuclease activity of p-S724-IRE1 dimer:ADP [endoplasmic reticulum membrane]

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