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As inferred from rat homologues, Urocortin (UCN) binds the CRHR2 (CRF2) receptor and reduces levels of preproghrelin mRNA in the gastric body, causing reduced secretion of ghrelin (Yakabi et al. 2011). The ghrelin gene is transcribed and spliced to yield two variants: isoform 1 encodes full-length preproghrelin and isoform 2 encodes des-acyl-Gln14 preproghrelin, which is missing glutamine at position 14 of the mature peptide. Des-acyl-Gln14 ghrelin is found in rodents but is present in negligible quantities in humans. Somatostatin and leptin inhibit ghrelin mRNA levels. Estrogen increases ghrelin mRNA levels. The KLF4 transcription factor binds the ghrelin promoter and activates transcription. Putative binding sites for other transcription factors have been identified but their functions have not been demonstrated.
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