AMY1-3 bind IAPP(34-70)

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Homo sapiens
Amylin receptors can bind Amylin
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Amylin (islet amyloid polypeptide, diabetes associated peptide) is a 37 amino acid peptide first purified from amyloid deposits in the pancreatic islets of type 2 diabetic patients (Nishi M et al, 1989). It is a product of the islet B-cell, along with insulin and probably has a hormonal role in the regulation of nutrient intake. Amylin receptors are multimeric complexes, formed by CT receptor (Gorn AH et al, 1992) interaction with receptor activity modifying proteins (RAMPs) (McLatchie LM et al, 1998). The CT receptor interacts with the three RAMPs, generating multiple subtypes of amylin receptor (AMY1-3).

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