PTPRF, PTPRS, PTPRD bind Liprins

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All the three LAR-RPTP transmembrane tyrosine phosphatases associate with liprin proteins and colocalize with liprin-alpha1 at the proximal edges of focal adhesions. Based on sequence similarities and binding characteristics, liprins are subdivided into alpha-type and beta-type liprins. The C-terminal, non-coiled coil regions of alpha-liprins bind to the membrane-distal phosphatase domains of LAR family members, as well as to the C-terminal, non-coiled coil region of beta-liprins. Liprin is required for normal presynaptic differentiation in C. elegans and controls synapse morphogenesis in Drosophila. In mammalian synapses the functional significance of liprin and LAR-RPTP interaction is unknown (Pages et al. 1998, Dunah et al. 2005).
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