Synthesis of Preproglucagon in intestinal L cells

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TCF-4 and Beta-Catenin form a heterodimer that bind the G2 element of the promoter of the Proglucagon (GCG) gene in L2 cells of the intestine. CDX-2 binds an AT-rich sequence in the G1 enhancer element of the GCG promoter. Transcription of the GCG gene is enhanced by cAMP, calcium, and insulin and the Beta-Catenin:TCF-4 binding region of the promoter is necessary for this regulation. It is therefore postulated that the Wnt signaling pathway (Beta-Catenin) crosstalks with the cAMP-PKA pathway and/or the cAMP-EPAC pathway.

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Beta-catenin:TCF-4 bound at the promoter of the GCG gene recruits RNA polymerase II. This regulation is inferred from experiments in mouse and rat cells.

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