alanine + tRNA(Ala) + ATP => Ala-tRNA(Ala) + AMP + pyrophosphate

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AARS (cytosolic alanyl tRNA synthetase) catalyzes the reaction of alanine, tRNA(ala), and ATP to form Ala tRNA(Ala), AMP, and pyrophosphate. The enzyme, a class II tRNA synthetase, is a monomer (Shiba et al. 1995). A mutation in the editing domain of the mouse Aars gene results in misincorporation of non-cognate amino acids into cellular proteins. This is associated with protein misfolding in Purkinje cells and a phenotype consistent with human ataxia (Lee et al. 2006).

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alanine-tRNA ligase activity of AARS [cytosol]

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