Defective NHLRC1 does not ubiquitinate EPM2A (laforin) and PPP1R3C (PTG) (type 2B disease)

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NHLRC1 (malin) mediates the ubiquitination of EPM2A (laforin) and PPP1R3C (PTG) associated with cytosolic liver- and muscle-form glycogen granules (Gentry et al. 2005). Defects in NHLRC1 (malin) are the cause of the second commonest form of Lafora disease (Roma-Mateo et al. 2012). The two missense mutant forms of NHLRC1 (malin) annotated here are examples of the disease-associated NHLRC1 alleles that have been described (Chan et al. 2003).

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ubiquitin-protein transferase activity of NHLRC1 mutants [cytosol]

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Loss of function of NHLRC1 mutants [cytosol]

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