Defective EPM2A does not dephosphorylate phosphoglycogen (type 2A disease)

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EPM2A (laforin) associated with cytosolic liver- and muscle-form glycogen granules normally catalyzes the hydrolytic removal of the small numbers of phosphate groups incorporated into glycogen (Minassian et al. 1998, Serratosa et al. 1999, Tagliabracci et al. 2011). Defects in EMP2A (laforin) are the cause of the commonest form of Lafora disease. The three missense mutant forms of EPM2A (laforin) annotated here are examples of the disease-associated EPM2A alleles that have been described (Fernandez-Sanchez et al. 2003).
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Catalyst Activity

carbohydrate phosphatase activity of mutant EPM2A:PPP1R3C:phosphoglycogen-GYG1:GYS1-a tetramer [cytosol]

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Functional status

Loss of function of mutant EPM2A:PPP1R3C:phosphoglycogen-GYG1:GYS1-a tetramer [cytosol]

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glycogen storage disease DOID:2747 glycogenosis
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