TRIM28 SUMOylates TRIM28:ZNF350 with SUMO1

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The PHD domain of TRIM28 (KAP1) acts as a SUMO E3 ligase to SUMOylate the bromodomain of TRIM28 with SUMO1 (Ivanov et al. 2007, Lee et al. 2007, Li et al. 2007, Mascle et al. 2007, Zeng et al. 2008, Impens et al. 2014). SUMOylation enhances repression of p21 transcription by the TRIM28:ZNF350 (KAP1:ZBRK1) complex. SUMOylated TRIM28 recruits SETDB1 and CHD3 (of the NuRD complex).

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SUMO transferase activity of TRIM28 [nucleoplasm]

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