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WNT Inhibitory factor 1 (WIF1) is a secreted antagonist of WNT signaling that acts by binding to WNTs in the extracellular space and inhibiting their interaction with the FZD receptor complex (Hsieh et al, 1999; Surmann-Schmitt et al, 2009; Malinauskas et al, 2011; Banyai et al, 2012). WIF1 consists of a WIF domain (WD; also present in RYK receptors) and 5 EGF domains (Patthy 2000; Hsieh et al, 1999). Functional studies show that the WD contributes most of the WNT-binding activity while the EGF repeats make contact with components of the extracellular matrix such as HSPGs and glypicans (Hsieh et al, 1999; Malinauskas et al, 2011; Sanchez-Hernandez et al, 2012). WIF1 is downregulated in some cancers, and overexpression of human WIF1 has been shown to inhibit growth of lung and bladder cancer cells (Mazieres et al, 2004; Kansara et al, 2009; Lin et al, 2006; Tang et al, 2009)

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