Phosphorylation of BCAR1 by SRC-PTK2 complex

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SH3-mediated binding of BCAR1/p130Cas to PTK2 is linked to enhanced tyrosine phosphorylation of BCAR1 at multiple sites. The Cas substrate domain contains 15 separate YxxP motifs, a main site of tyrosine phosphorylation on the BCAR1 molecule. Once phosphorylated, this domain serves as a docking site for the SH2 domains of CRK or NCK adaptor proteins that affect the downstream MAPK signalling pathway, resulting in cell survival and increased motility.
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protein tyrosine kinase activity of BCAR1:Talin:RIAM:ECM ligands:alphaIIb beta3:p-Y419 SRC:p-6Y-PTK2 [plasma membrane]

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