Activation of Rap1 by cytosolic GEFs

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Signals from agonist receptors (such as GPVI) trigger the production of PIP3, DAG, cAMP and elevated Ca++ levels. This leads to the activation and translocation of active Rap1-GTP to the plasma membrane. Rap-GEFs stimulate the replacement of GDP for GTP, activating Rap1. Several Rap1 GEFs have been identified enabling Rap1 to respond to diverse stimuli. CalDAG-GEFs activate Rap1 in response to calcium and DAG, downstream of Phospholipase C. EPAC (exchange proteins directly activated by cAMP) GEFs are activated by binding cAMP.
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guanyl-nucleotide exchange factor activity of CalDAG-GEFs:DAG:Ca2+ [plasma membrane]

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