Beta-catenin recruits CBP/p300

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CBP (CREB-binding protein) and the closely related p300 are histone acetyltransferases that are recruited to WNT-responsive promoters through interactions with the C-terminal half of beta-catenin (Hecht et al, 2000; Takemura and Moon, 2000; Sun et al, 2000). Although recruitment is WNT-signaling dependent and results in activation of several WNT target genes, the precise role of CBP and p300 is not yet clear. In Drosophila, recruitment of CBP can affect the acetylation of histones H3 and H4 up to 30kb away from WREs, possibly aided by the DNA bending induced by TCFs (Parker et al, 2008); in other instances, the intrinsic HAT activity has been shown to acetylate beta-catenin (Levy et al, 2004; Wolf et al, 2002), or to be dispensable for the transcriptional activation activity of CBP/p300 at WREs (Hecht et al, 2000).

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