HLA class I histocompatibility antigen, A-32 alpha chain [integral component of lumenal side of endoplasmic reticulum membrane]

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Protein [EntityWithAccessionedSequence]
Homo sapiens
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5EU4, 4F7M, 3GSW, 3V5H, 2XPG, 3RL2, 2UWE, 5C0J, 2GJ6, 3I6L, 3UTS, 5MEN, 4I4W, 1EEY, 5JZI, 1T1X, 6R2L, 2X4P, 1QRN, 2X4Q, 5E00, 4JFF, 6EQB, 2X4U, 3VXP, 3MRH, 5C0D, 4QOK, 5WWI, 5WKH, 5TEZ, 4GKS, 3QEQ, 4WUU, 6RPA, 1HHG, 1HSB, 3H7B, 5E6I, 1QSE, 5HGD, 6G3K, 3O4L, 4U6Y, 3QZW, 1JF1, 1I7T, 3VXU, 4NNY, 5C0A, 6EWO, 6JP3, 2GIT, 1DUZ, 3FQR, 3MRK, 1T1W, 2JCC, 3W0W, 1TMC, 3QDJ, 3FQN, 2F54, 1I7U, 5BRZ, 5NMK, 6EQA, 6Q3K, 4JFE, 3O3E, 2J8U, 1I1F, 5HHN, 2GUO, 2X4S, 5C07, 6AMT, 5WJL, 3HAE, 3FQU, 5NQK, 2X4T, 1T21, 5GRG, 1JHT, 3WL9, 1HHI, 3MRC, 2X4R, 3BO8, 4JFP, 6D78, 2AV1, 3GSN, 3D25, 3IXA, 3RL1, 2BNQ, 1I1Y, 4MJ6, 5NME, 5HHQ, 3MRQ, 3FQX, 3V5D, 6J29, 4NO3, 3PWP, 5D2N, 5WXC, 4EN2, 1UR7, 6RP9, 3KLA, 3MRO, 5WSH, 1T1Z, 6G3J, 5EUO, 4EUP, 4NO5, 6EWA, 2BCK, 4F7T, 6J2A, 1T1Y, 4MNQ, 1EEZ, 1QSF, 5HHM, 1AO7, 3GSO, 5C0F, 5HGB, 3VXM, 3FQT, 6ID4, 3BH8, 1W72, 5EU3, 5HGH, 4WU7, 3REW, 5FDW, 5YXU, 3HPJ, 3O3A, 3QFJ, 5EU6, 1HHH, 6RSY, 3VXS, 2F53, 3MRJ, 1HHK, 5EOT, 5C0C, 6PTE, 5JHD, 5NMG, 4NQX, 4WJ5, 3FQW, 5MEP, 2V2X, 2X70, 5NHT, 4HWZ, 3QDG, 1T20, 3H9S, 3FT3, 3PWN, 6DKP, 4U6X, 5SWQ, 1T22, 4I48, 2P5E, 3D3V, 3H9H, 5FA4, 1TVH, 6SS9, 3V5K, 4L3C, 4NNX, 6O9C, 3MRM, 5D9S, 2VLR, 6AT9, 1AQD, 2GT9, 6OPD, 3MRD, 6RPB, 5C0I, 5EU5, 5F9J, 4JFO, 4K7F, 3QDM, 2HLA, 6ENY, 5MEO, 1X7Q, 1HHJ, 2AV7, 3TO2, 3FT4, 2C7U, 3UTQ, 3MRG, 1TVB, 2V2W, 4FTV, 3GSR, 3BH9, 3VXO, 4EMZ, 1QVO, 1B0R, 5C0E, 3FT2, 5GRD, 5WKF, 6APN, 3MRE, 5MER, 4L29, 4GKN, 3PWJ, 5HHP, 6Q3S, 4F7P, 3GSQ, 6MPP, 5ISZ, 5FA3, 2VLL, 4NO0, 3MRL, 3BGM, 6JOZ, 3GIV, 4N8V, 5WJN, 4E5X, 5DDH, 1B0G, 6AM5, 3BHB, 5N1Y, 3D39, 3QFD, 1LP9, 1I4F, 5GSD, 3MRB, 6EI2, 6EWC, 3GJF, 3I6G, 6D7G, 6SS8, 5HGA, 3MR9, 5NMH, 4UQ3, 1IM3, 4JFD, 2P5W, 5ENW, 3O3D, 1QR1, 5HHO, 5C09, 5NMF, 4JFQ, 5F7D, 1S9Y, 1S8D, 4MJ5, 3UTT, 3MRR, 1S9X, 5E9D, 5WXD, 5HYJ, 4NO2, 6J1W, 3MRP, 6NCA, 1OGA, 2BNR, 3GSV, 2VLK, 5N6B, 3MGT, 6SS7, 2GTW, 2X4O, 2HN7, 1S9W, 3VXN, 3WLB, 1DUY, 3MYJ, 5WWU, 5C0G, 5YXN, 5C08, 6PTB, 2PYE, 6AMU, 4L3E, 1AKJ, 3GSX, 5IRO, 1I7R, 4NQV, 6PBH, 5D2L, 3GSU, 3VXR, 5C0B, 2GTZ, 4OV5, 2VLJ, 3HLA, 3MRI, 1HLA, 4UQ2, 6O9B, 5BS0, 2X4N, 3MGO, 5MEQ, 5XOV, 3I6K, 3PWL, 4HX1, 2CLR, 1Q94, 6SSA, 3NFN, 1QEW, 5W1W, 1P7Q, 3MRN, 1BD2, 3O3B, 5WWJ, 3MRF, 4WU5
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