SUMOylation of PML with SUMO3

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Homo sapiens
Conjugation of SUMO3 to PML
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PML is observed to be SUMOylated with SUMO3 at lysine-65, lysine-160, and lysine-490 (Kamitani et al. 1998). SUMO3 is almost identical with SUMO2 therefore the same E3 ligase (RANBP2) that SUMOylate PML with SUMO2 may also be active with SUMO3, but this has not been proven. PML colocalizes with SUMO3 in nuclear bodies and disruption of SUMO3 expression reduces the number of nuclear bodies (Fu et al. 2005).

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SUMO transferase activity of SUMO3:UBE2I [nucleoplasm]

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