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In the mucosal cells of the distal ileum, in preparation for internalisation, the gastric intrinsic factor:cobalamin (GIF:Cbl) complex interacts with cubilin (CUBN). CUBN is a cotransporter facilitating uptake of lipoproteins, vitamins and iron (Matthews et al. 2007). CUBN is in complex with protein amnionless (AMN), a necessary component which directs subcellular localization and endocytosis of GIF:Cbl (Fyfe et al. 2004, Anderson et al. 2010). Defects in CUBN and AMN both cause recessive hereditary megaloblastic anemia 1 (RH-MGA1 aka MGA1 Norwegian type or Imerslund-Grasbeck syndrome, I-GS; MIM:261100). The resultant malabsorption of Cbl (vitamin B12) leads to impaired B12-dependent folate metabolism and ultimately impaired thymine synthesis and DNA replication (Aminoff et al. 1999, Kristiansen et al. 2000, Tanner et al. 2003, Densupsoontorn et al. 2012).

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