COLEC12:Ligand [endocytic vesicle membrane]

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Homo sapiens
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19073604 Scavenger receptor collectin placenta 1 (CL-P1) predominantly mediates zymosan phagocytosis by human vascular endothelial cells

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12761161 SRCL/CL-P1 recognizes GalNAc and a carcinoma-associated antigen, Tn antigen

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20360967 An accessory to the 'Trinity': SR-As are essential pathogen sensors of extracellular dsRNA, mediating entry and leading to subsequent type I IFN responses

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22570530 Biological functions of the novel collectins CL-L1, CL-K1, and CL-P1

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11564734 The membrane-type collectin CL-P1 is a scavenger receptor on vascular endothelial cells

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J Biol Chem 2001
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