POU5F1 (OCT4), SOX2, NANOG bind the EOMES promoter

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The EOMES gene is bound by POU5F1 (OCT4) (Boyer et al. 2005, Jin et al. 2007, Jung et al. 2010), SOX2 (Boyer et al. 2005), and NANOG (Boyer et al. 2005, Lister et al. 2009) in embryonic stem cells. POU5F1 (Babaie et al. 2007, Kunarso et al. 2010) and SOX2 (Teo et al. 2011) repress expression, however NANOG enhances expression (Teo et al. 2011). As inferred from mouse, EOMES is required for differentiation of mesoderm (Russ et al. 2000) and directly activates Mesp1, a regulator of cardiovascular differentiation (van den Ameele et al. 2012).
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