Ficolin-1 binds to molecular patterns on the target cell surface

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Ficolin-1 (M-ficolin or FCN1) was shown to localize at the cell surface of circulating monocytes and granulocytes, despite lacking an obvious transmembrane domain, (Teh C et al. 2000; Honore C et al. 2010). Ficolin-1 has also been found in human plasma (Honore C et al. 2008; Wittenborn T et al. 2010; Kjaer TR et al. 2011). Monocytes and macrophages, but not immature dendritic cells were reported to secrete Ficolin-1 into the serum (Honore C et al. 2010). Moreover, early studies revealed its presence in secretory granules of peripheral blood monocytes and granulocytes (Liu Y et al. 2005). Soluble Ficolin-1 was found to form a complex with MASP2, while cell surface-bound Ficolin-1 did not associate with MASP (Honore C et al. 2010; Kjaer TR et al. 2011).

Ficolin-1 specifically recognizes sialic acid and can bind to acetylated compounds such as N-acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) and N-acetylgalactosamine (GalNAc) (Garlatti V et al. 2007; Gout E et al. 2010; Kjaer TR et al. 2011).

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