Phosphorylation of NTAL by p-SYK/Lyn

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NTAL and LAT play complementary roles in the positive regulation of FCERI-mediated degranulation. Upon FCERI aggregation NTAL is phosphorylated by LYN, SYK and KIT on different tyrosines. Phosphorylated NTAL likely contributes to the activation of mast cells by providing docking sites for the recruitment of critical signaling molecules into the lipid raft. There are about ten tyrosines in LAT2 of which five tyrosines principally phosphorylated by SYK are recognised as putative GRB2-binding sites, being part of a YXN motif, whereas LYN and KIT phosphorylate both tyrosines contained in the YXN motifs as well as tyrosines outside of the YXN motifs (Iwaki et al. 2008).

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protein tyrosine kinase activity of Clustered p:LYN:p-FCERI:IgE:allergen:p-6Y-SYK [plasma membrane]

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