CETP-mediated lipid exchange: spherical HDL gains triacylglycerol

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Homo sapiens
CETP:triacylglycerol complex + spherical HDL <=> CETP:cholesterol ester complex + spherical HDL:triacylglycerol
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CETP (cholesterol ester transfer protein) complexed with triacylglycerol interacts with a spherical HDL (high density lipoprotein) particle, acquiring cholesterol ester molecules and donating triacylglycerol to the HDL (Swenson et al. 1988; Morton and Zilversmit 1983). This process is reversible but in the body proceeds in the direction annotated here. A model for the lipid exchange process has been proposed based on recent studies of the structure of CETP:lipid complexes (Qiu et al. 2007).

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