SLC24A1 exchanges 4Na+ for Ca2+, K+

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Homo sapiens
NCKX1 removes Ca2+ from the rod outer segment
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Intracellular Ca2+ is extruded from the outer segment by a Na+/Ca2+, K+ exchanger (NCKX1 encoded by SLC24A1) (Tucker et al. 1998). Operation of the exchanger is electrogenic; 4 Na+ enter and 1 K+ exits for every Ca2+ removed for a net movement of 1 positive charge inward per duty cycle. In bright light, when all of the CNG channels are closed, the exchanger continues to remove Ca2+, reducing intracellular Ca2+ by an order of magnitude. Mutations in SLC24A1 can give rise to recessive congenital stationary night blindness (Riazuddin et al. 2010).

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calcium, potassium:sodium antiporter activity of SLC24A1 [plasma membrane]

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