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The SCARB1 (SR-BI, SR-BII):ligand complex is endocytosed (Calvo et al. 1997, Murao et al. 1997, Rhainds et al. 1999, Vishnyakova et al. 2003, Baranova et al. 2005, Eckhardt et al. 2004) but selective lipid uptake from lipoprotein particles does not require SR-BI endocytosis in mouse (Nieland et al. 2005) but is partly dependent on endocytosis in human (Zhang et al. 2007). HDL particles are resecreted after lipid unloading in the endocytic pathway (Pagler et al. 2006; Zhang et al. 2007). SR-BI colocalizes with caveolae (inferred from mouse, Babitt et al. 1997) while SR-BII, an alternatively spliced form of SCARB1, localizes to clathrin-coated pits due to a dileucine motif in the cytosolic tail (inferred from mouse, Eckhardt et al. 2006). Endocytosis of oxidized LDL by SR-BI is independent of caveolae, microtubules, and actin cytoskeleton (inferred from mouse, Sun et al. 2007).
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